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The Bloom Book


Bloom Creative Productions is committed to providing employment opportunities for people across the Entertainment and Live Performance Industry.


We have created The Bloom Book, a service which connects people to employers across all industries ensuring that this skilled workforce is utilised. 


The Bloom Book will connect you with employers beyond just the entertainment industry who wish to engage people who possess specific skill sets that align with their job opportunities. 

The Bloom Book is open to  Actors, Dancers, Singers, Directors, Choreographers, Musical Directors, Musicians, Stage Managers, Production Managers, Costume Designers, Makeup Artists, Stage Crew, Producers, Casting Directors, Sound and Lighting Designers, Set Builders, Set Designers, Props Coordinators & Designers and anyone working in the Creative Arts, Entertainment and Live Performance Industries. 

When you register your profile with The Bloom Book your information will be used to connect you with tailored employment and development opportunities that align closely with your skillset.

As a member of The Bloom Book you will be provided: 

  • Casting information

  • Employment opportunities

  • Professional development opportunities 

  • Masterclass listings

  • Agency open days

  • Collaboration opportunities

  • Grant submission schedules

  • Connection to a network of creatives

  • Discounted theatre tickets and presale announcements

  • Much more 

What's more, is this service is 100% free to use!  We want to see you Bloom not just in our industry, but in others too!


How To Register

Step 1. Complete the registration form by 

Step 2. Like Bloom Creative Productions on Facebook and Instagram

Step 3. Join the Exclusive Network group The Bloom Book on Facebook

Take control of your creative career...





Terms and Conditions

As an applicant, you consent to Bloom Creative Productions sharing your details with 3rd parties for recruitment and casting purposes only. You also consent to your information being published to an online database in the interest of promotion and employment opportunities (excluding sensitive information*). 

You understand that Bloom Creative Productions does not charge you a fee for this service. 

Bloom Creative Productions reserves the right to receive a fee from the employer for the brokerage service in filling the position.

You understand that this engagement is non-exclusive, allowing you the opportunity to list your profile with other agencies and firms. 

You confirm that by listing your profile with Bloom Creative Productions, you are not in conflict with any other agency or company agreement currently in place and you indemnify Bloom Creative Productions in relation to any conflict of interest or breach by you of another agency or company agreement that contains exclusivity. Should a conflict arise you will be removed from the Bloom Book immediately.

You understand that you are not an employee of Bloom Creative Productions. If an employment opportunity is brokered between Bloom Creative Productions and an employment provider, it is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm the terms of employment and agree to the letter of engagement with the employment provider prior to commencing work. 

Your inclusion in the Bloom Book is at the discretion of Bloom Creative Productions and is subject to change at any time without notice.

All Working with Children Check numbers will be checked prior to you being listed in the Bloom Book.

Bloom Creative Productions Pty Ltd reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice. These will be updated on our website

Should you wish to be removed from the Bloom Book you will need to notify us in writing at

*Sensitive information includes Address, Date of Birth, Contact number, Email Address Criminal convictions and Residency status ( these will be provided to employers on request)

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