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“Well, woman, however. Let's do it tomorrow?

- Aren't you ashamed, Yurochka? I call you so rarely, and you don't even want to talk to me

- Wait.

From the sound background coming from the receiver, I realized that Yura heroically crawled out of bed and slapped into another room. He turned on the light and sat down.

- Are you still here? he asked hopefully.

— Of course, when!

- Well, Nina is the widow of Andrei Gudkov, he organized this business, that is, a casino. He died about a year ago - he was driving his car late at night and flew under a KamAZ, an accident. And yes, he was drunk. Don't you remember yourself?

- I remember something. And Nina?

- What is Nina? She was worried and then took matters into her own hands. Raises a daughter, is engaged in shaping.


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